Cary CD-306 upgrade

Just heard from my dealer that Cary will soon offer an upgrade to the CD-306. As some of you may be aware, the CD-306 recently underwent a revision as a critical part became unavailable. My understanding is that they took the opportunity to do a redesign of the CD player which should involve an upgraded transport and DAC (correct me if i'm wrong).

Apparently Cary has not finalized the upgrade price yet, but it should be around $800USD.

I was wondering if anybody has performed this upgrade, and what changes have you noticed?
I am by no means an expert on Cary gear but I have been a happy owner of a CD306 SACD since July of 2006. My player experienced a few hiccups during that time (an occasional skip or no disk error) and Cary and my dealer Upscale Audio were wonderfully responsive and communicated to me all through the process. I was told by Dennis Had and Kevin Deal both that there were a couple of issues at hand. First, the reader board from Sony (the transport maker) had some hidden faults under certain rare circumstances and another mission critical chip(may be a DAC, I am unsure) also malfunctioned given certain situations.

Both have been remedied and my player is performing flawlessly. I highly recommend this player without reservation. Even with a minor problem here and there, this cd player has the best redbook playback I have heard. As far as an $800 upgrade, I would be a bit surprised as all CD306 SACD players should still be under warranty. As far as a new transport, I doubt it. The transports are bullett proof Sony SCD1 drive and what you heard is likely in reference to the Sony logic board to which I referred earlier. Regards.
I just called and left a message for a person at Cary...i will keep you updated on what i hear...though I must admit I am pretty excited at the prospect of this upgrade...
I'm glad that you have no issues with your transport. So far, my CD-306 has tried to "eat" my CD 3 times in 6 months of ownership. Press the eject button, and an empty tray comes out with the CD stuck inside! Fortunately I was able to retrieve the CD by sticking a wire through the slot and snagging the center of the disc. Good thing the CD-306 has the clear window at the top so that I can see what i'm doing!

I have also had a few minor issues with the transport logic. Occasionally, if I try to skip tracks, the CDP will misinterpret the remote command to skip tracks and turn the CDP off. This happens infrequently enough to ignore, but if it happened all the time it would drive me bonkers.

I am wondering if the upgrade will fix these problems.