Cary CD 306 SACD Burn-in time & Power Cable's

Greetings from a New Cary CD 306 SACD Owner,

I've been running discs for about 3 weeks on the CD side of things almost non stop about 400hrs or close to it & the SACD CD side for about 100 + hrs or so.

This player is a new/demo with approx 100 hrs on it in the store, so add that to what I've put on it, do any of you who own this player think I'm getting to the point where I can just relax & stop the process now.
As my old replaced player was a close to 20yr old Sony ESD 605 CDP with a MSB Link DAC as a previous reference in my system the Cary sounded awesome right outta the store/box, but unsure around what point in time will it be close to optimal.

Also, what power cord would you suggest, I am currently using an Audience AU (24) PC and previously was using the Shunyata PowerSnake Diamondback but thought the AU pc better. Any thoughts/suggestions.

Thx in advance.

Regards ... T/CC
I think you can relax now w/ the burn-in process. My unit sounded best after around 300-400 hours.
Look for an Electraglide Fatboy pc. It really works great w/ the Cary.
Congratulations on your 306 SACD. Your CD player should be well burnt in by now.

Do you have the original 306 or the newer, updated "Mk II" version? The newer version has an updated logic board and a new digital section. I had my dealer perform the upgrade. There are several nice improvements - the CDP reads the TOC of RBCD and SACD faster. All the bugs have been ironed out (no more random hangs or power offs). And the sound has improved slightly.

The two most effective tweaks I have performed are (1) cover the window on the top. I just place my CD cover on it when I am playing a CD, so this is a free tweak. (2) Place the CD player on a granite surface. I have tried a wooden chopping block (hey, it was free!) but did not like the results.

I cannot comment on the power cords as I have not tried them. I could probably "borrow" a nice power cord from one of my other components but then it makes comparisons difficult! Good luck with your quest and please let us know what you discover.

Cordially yours from sunny Australia, Keith.
Wouldn't you imagine Cary would have selected a proper power cord for the 306 SACD? Reminds me of the guys who buy new Porsches, then start hacking on the suspension.


Thx for your response, much appreciated, have taken my foot off the pedal :)

Regards ... T@CC
Greetings Dbphd,

Yes you would think so wouldn't you ... but like most or at least many of the high end components build & sold [as I was told by a certain High End rep] they decide on a price point budget for making a certain item, & they don't waste it on high end/expensive fuses, pc's & screws etc ... they put the majority of that $ towards the design, parts/components & manufacturing etc. of the product [giving you the best bang for the buck in most cases]

They leave it towards the customer to spend their own $ & upgrade the PC's [as with IC's etc.] to improve on that area, so here we are ... with a closet full of cables looking like snakes hanging off a tree.

Regards ... T@CC
When I had my Cary I used a Shunyata Python and then went to a Transparent Super pc and then to a Transparent reference. Each move was a step up in performance. The Transparent pc's added a much blacker background and more micro detail.


Thx for your input & suggestions, the $ of those pc's you suggest are a little outta my $ range.

Will definately go for it when I win the lotto, until then I guess I'' have to stay with my Audience AU24 PC's .


Regards ... T@CC

There's nothing wrong with your pc, I have one of those also and like it. Watch the used market for the Transparent pc's, sometimes there are good deals. I would not go any lower than a Transparent Musiclink Plus pc or it will not be any better what you have, I am not even sure a plus will be better, just different.

Thx for your suggestion & clarification ... I agree the used market would be the way to go, I'll keep my eyes open.

I guess you know how much of a hasstle it is to upgrade [try & sell-trade,... have a closet full of snakes hanging from the coat rack] cables, so unless I am very lucky I will probably just stick with the Au pc's, as so far I find no real neg/or downside & am enjoying very much for what I paid which is always a consideration esp. for me @ the moment. I'm also using all AU24 IC's in the rest of my system,so as they say there is a synergy ;)

... but who knows, will keep an open mind when I can keep an open wallet, until then thx again, much appreciated for the suggestion.