Cary CD 306/200; what else?

I am considering purchasing a used Cary CD 306/200 for around $2,600. What else in this price ranged (used) should I consider?
For a bit more, you can get an Audio Aero Capitole MK I. It has an analogue volume control and sounds best running directly into an amplifier. Sell your preamp, the extra interconnect and power cord and buy a MK I, you won't be disappointed.
Audio Aero Prima. New $2200, but can be found nicely discounted. I liked it much better than the Carey. This, and it won't be for long, is the best kept secret out there. Its' big brother, well you know..find a place to audition this baby. You'll be amazed.
You may want to consider the Electrocmpanient EMC-1. I am not sure, but I suspect, that you can find one (used) in your price range. Personnaly I liked it better than the Audio Aero because of its seemingly better build quality. Sound wise they sounded different but I can not say one was better than the other; just different. The Cary is very good as well and it's build quality appeared to be good.

As Jtinn suggested you can run it directly into your amp because of it's variable output capability; but I felt it sounded better running through my preamp.

In the end this is all just opinions and other peoples experiences, you really need to listen to them yourself. My experiences have born out that there are not huge differences between any of them sound wise. But out of all the one box players I have heard, I liked the Accupahse DP75V the best. Good Luck!

Don't discount the Cary 308 players (tubed and non-tubed). Several folks have commented that they are not quite up to par with the 306/200, but for the price come very close. I second the EMC-1 recommendation.
I would check out a used BAT VK-D5SE.
I agree with all of the suggestions listed above. They are all excellent CD players. It is a matter of personal choice. I used to have a Cary 303/200 and I thought that it was very easy to listen to. I wound up purchasing a new Musical Fidelity A308cr CD player and I find that it is a much better match in my system. I would suggest that you find a Musical Fidelity dealer and listen for yourself.
Sim Nova $2350
Audio Aero Prima $1800-$2200
Granite Audio 657 $ 2350

All superb.
I owned many Cary CDPs (303/100, 306/100 and finally the 306/200) I came across a great deal here on Audigon on the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 and decided to purchase it. I have never looked back. IMO, the EMC-1 was definiately the best player. Much more analog sounding than the Cary. The Cary did have very good resolution and dynamics, but in comparison, was more digital sounding.
Can any one explain to me what the difference is between the 306/200 and the 306/100? Thanks.