CARY CD 303T SACD Pro sample rate?

I have a new cary cd 303T Pro. been playing around with the settings. found setting for HDCD and SACD. but for regular compact disc which setting suits right for mainly all compact discs? What Digital and Analogue sample rate setting?
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You shouldn't need any setting for hdcd or sacd. The player automatically recognizes those formats, and reacts accordingly.

For regular CDs I find that setting can differ depending on the cd. Usually I just leave mine on the standard 44. I do however prefer the tube output on most recordings.

My new 303t is currently at Cary for an intermittent skipping issue. Can't wait to get it back. The sound quality of this player is truly fantastic.
Funny that happen's to me too on the skipping issue. Plus it was just brought it in strait from the factory and was a store demo for 3 months. If you do send it in, could you please tell me what was your issue. Mine is under warranty right now. thanks!
Hi Jakecanada,

On mine you never knew when the small skip would come. Sometimes during the first cd played, and other times not till 2, 3, or on the 4th. It absolutely drove me crazy. Factory is shipping it back to me today.

They claim they could not duplicate the skip, but put in a new laser assembly under the warranty. I sure hope the problem is solved. Not very good for a brand new expensive piece of equipment, which the rotten dealer would not exchange. Very upset with the purchase, although it does sound just wonderful. Best I have ever heard.

Should have mine back on Friday. Will let you know if problem solved. Did you buy yours from a guy in Maryland? My first one was a demo and did the same thing. He took that back..........and that's when I found a brand new one with the same problem from a different dealer.

Yours really does the same thing?