Cary Cd 303t SACD and SLP-98p Paired?

I am kind of wondering has any body had trouble paring the cary cd 303T SACD Pro cd player with preamps such as the SLP-98p. I am currently changing my amp the SLI80 to a cary 120s and SLP-98p. I have my 120s not MK2 to my dads old Luxman preamp. So looking to get a SLP-98Phono for a preamp.

Compared to my dads old Teac the CARY 303t sounds a lot louder and can only crank it half the way up to the same volume setting as the teac and all other sources before my speakers start to pop.

-So dose the cary cd player have a lot more gain compared to other cd players? Witch would affect how loud it can be played on the volume knob.
-Also has any one ran the CD303t SACD pro with a cary SLP-98p and where there too much gain issues?

By the way my preamp that I am using at the moment is an old solid state Luxman C-383 Stereo Preamp.
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If you have a CAD120's the SLP98P is an excellent pre. It has more than enough gain, so you don't have to upgrade to the MKII. The CD player should be no problem. good luck.
Cary cd player output 3 volts, not the common 2 volt output.
How about the cary 303 SACD w/ a solid state pre-amp?