Cary CD-301 vs Jolida JD100 ??

Need advice on used tube cd player.
Cary CD-301 $900.00
Jolida JD100 $650.00
Is the Cary worth the extra $$?
Can the Cary be upgraded by Cary to upsampling capability?
The player chosen will be driven by Sunfire equipment
to Carver Amazing III Plus speakers.
All input is appreciated.


If you want to chose a tub cd player,take time to audit AUDIO PRIMA CD PLAYER(ORIGIONAL VERSION) can beat out cary 301 or jd 100.
thank you
Question! Will tube CD players make a difference if used as a transport to a B&K 307. I am trying to get a less analytical and less dry sound.
Hi Stenersr...I'm pretty sure the tube circuit is in the analog output stage of those CDPs. If you use them as a transport only, you will bypass that stage...making them the same as any other transport. Many tube CDPs will probably provide that sound you're seeking (with the right tubes), but you'd have to use the analog out from the player to get the tube sound.

As far as a less dry and analytical sound goes...I'd post and ask the others for their recommendation on transports that fit that description. I've only tried a few machines as transports, but all three or four had their own distinct sound. I'm sure someone makes a transport that will have the sound you prefer. For example, I've always heard that CEC transports were "less dry", warmer, and more analog than many.

And mar4004...there are a few people on AudioAsylum who love their Cary 301 machines (more than the Cary 303's, 306's, etc). You might want to search the archives over there. I don't *think* Cary is upgrading those to upsample, but you might want to ask the people at Cary. I hear they're very helpful.
phild....thanks for the input...