Cary CAI 1 Integrated amp Anybody have experiences with it??

Has anybody listened to or owned the Cary CAI 1 integrated amp? If so what were are thoughts on it? Thanks
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I've had one for 10+ years driving Von Schweikert VR2 speakers.  Reliable, no issues.
HT Bypass has been a plus.  Used in a 330 square foot room, more than enough power.
Never sounded 'digital' or clinical to me, this combination has been, to my ears, both warm and detailed, harsh only when the material required it.
I paid less than $900 for it (openbox) and won't get off so easy the next time.  I've been auditioning integrateds with a pair of Focal Aria 948s.  McIntosh MA5300, Hegel 160, Parasound Halo, and PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium have been some of the better sounding ones  for me.  Now, if only I had a rich uncle...