Cary Cad120s for Totem Earth speakers

High every one I am looking for some one who has experience with the new totem earth speakers running with tube amp equipment. I have currently a cary cad120s amp and a cary slp-98p running totem forest speakers that works marvellously well. My amp is 8ohm 60watts triode and 120watts ultra liner, and wondering is this an all right match? My forest speakers are waiting for a couple new drivers. So thinking of trying out a pair of totem earth speakers from my dealer while I'm waiting for the forests to get fixed. I would try out the metals but what average joe could afford those. So wondering what the earths would sound like since 2/3 the price. Has anyone tried any tube amp with the Totem Element Earth speakers or heard a demo with tube amps?
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If the Cary won't drive them, get different speakers. It won't be the fault of the amp. I've driven Polk Audio, Klipsch Chorus, Forte, Quartets, Linn Ninkas, Majik 140's, B&W, Lipinski L707's, Wilson Witt II's and others I don't even remember, and the Amp and Pre combo always worked fine.