CARY CAD120s clipping?

Have just bought a cary Cad 120s tube amp and useing my dads old luxman solid state preamp till have enough money for a cary slp-98p preamp. Not really the ideal match, but will have to do for now.

My question is dose anyone had experience with the cad 120s from cary and when dose the amp start into clipping?

What position on the volume knob dose it start clipping?

And if the bias meters in the front go past the 200 gauge dose while playing loud dose this mean it's in clipping mode?

If anyone owns a cary slp-98p and the cary cad120s as there setup it would be really appreciated let me know your experiences."

Thanks you guys.
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Amp clipping is dependent on the speaker load and the current requirements; therefore, there is no simple answer. An inefficient low impedance speaker will cause your amp to clip easier when compared to a high efficient high impedance speaker for the same amount spl. The nice thing about tube amps is that they “soft clip” or they simple run out of power and dynamics become compressed and the soundstage collapse etc.

The front meters are used to set tube bias. You will notice that the meters will move as you increase the volume. This is normal as bias current increases with volume increases. The front meters do not indicate clipping.

A lot of users report great results matching the SLP-98 with the 120S.
I agree with Brf, the meters show bias adjustments, not clipping. Also different speakers will dictate different levels for clipping depending on their efficiences. The volume knob cannot designate clipping either, since different preamps will have different amounts of gain.

I have the SLP-98P, and I'm using it with a solid state amp. I've looked at the CAD-120S, and it is still under consideration for me. I can't say that I am definitely committed to buying one though.
Jake I have the exact combo slp 98p and cad 120's the first 35 watts are class A and the bias should be set at 140 to 150 on the meters. In ultralinear you can peg the needles as per the manual. This combo is a match made in heaven. Make sure all your tubes are good. You won't have to upgrade to the mark II with the slp98p either because the pre has plenty of gain in it. Best of luck.
If any one has the SLP98P and no tube amp the CAD120's will make you happy you bought it. Mono's may be better but maybe not always.
01-30-14: Polk432
If any one has the SLP98P and no tube amp the CAD120's will make you happy you bought it. Mono's may be better but maybe not always.

Thanks, that may help steer me towards the 120S.
Have you tried any other tube amps with your 98P? Which ones?
Did you try any SET amps?

John, the only other amp I've tried was a Mac275 tube and the MC 7270 SS. Both sounded really good. The 275 has more of a SS sound (but runs cool for tubes) the 7270 also sounded good, but the CAD 120 is excellent. I'm now in the camp of friends don't let friends listen to solid state, even though my 2nd system is ss. Best of luck if you get the 120. Lipinski L707's and Wilson Witt II's sound great and all I now use are Linn IC's I had Nordost Heimdals but there was not enough difference to justify the price. MHO
Thanks you guys for your thoughts and advice. I do have a question for Polk432 though

-what are the wattage guidelines and efficacy of your speakers?
-And What phono cart ridge are you using with the cary slp-98p

I have totem forests that are rated for 50watts to 200watts with 87db efficiency into a 8ohm load. So I think the 60watt triode is a way better choice then my old Cary sli-80 at 40watts triode.

Though I think my dads old Solid state preamp has more gian problems before 11 0"cock zone then my last amp the sli-80. Also it might be to quick and fast pace since solid state. But I think this is why people go with tube preamp and solid sat for my tube power amp, not the other way around.

then my last amp the sli-80. The luxman makes the bass to boomy almost popping likein my bedroom or defiantly need a living room for this setup. But I think this is why people go with tube preamp and solid sat
If the Cary SLI-80 did not work too well with your Totems, then the Cary 120S won't be that much better. Don't forget that sound pressure (loudness measured in db) is logarithmic, therefore, there is not much difference between a 40wpc and 60wpc amplifier.

There are a lot of Totem owners who use a SS amp with a tube preamp and report excellent results.
Wilson Witt II's 90dB, Linn Adikt MM 6.5 Mv has a Dynavector MC 10x5 (not recommended due to poor construction) you need 1.4 Mv to run MC carts thru the Cary Preamp. I also ran Lipinski L707 speakers. The amp will also put out 120 watts in ultralinear. The SLI80 is a very good int amp, but seperates make a big difference, that's why I sold the SLI. Wish I still had it for a second system though. YMMV
I agree with Polk432 that separates “generally” perform better than integrated amps, but separates are still bound by ohm’s law. If your gripe with the SLI-80 was a lack of detail and transparency then separates may be the ticket. If you feel that the SLI-80 lacked drive, dynamics and an ability to control the woofer, the 120S may not resolve the issue.

The SLP-98 can be configured in many ways to suit your particular application. The SLP-98P has a very good moving magnet phono stage. It can also be configured internally with Lundahl step-up transformers to accommodate most MC cartridges. You can also get the SLP-98 directly coupled by by-passing Audio 1 coupling caps. There is also a F1 version which offers upgraded caps, wiring, diodes and some improvements. A fully tricked out Cary SLI-98P F1, MC, DC is extremely desirable.
01-31-14: Brf
A fully tricked out Cary SLI-98P F1, MC, DC is extremely desirable.

That is exactly what I am running. I'm using a Dynavector XX2 mk II cartridge, 0.28 mV output, and there is plenty of gain.
Well I believe in the quality of each watt over power of more watts.
I personally have talked to Vince owner of totem acoustics believed in same thing in fact he has a brother running the metals with a 20watt triode amp. He thought even 40 watts would be more then enough power a great match for the forest, since being the designer of them.

That is why I bought the cary for triode mode. See my dad grew me up on on an old Luxman 50watt Single ended triode amp with totem staffs nothing sounded so sweet. Which my cary set up sounds and reminds me of.

Though in triode mode the cad 120 can drive the forest in "any" size room. Ultra Liner is extremely nice when playing any source manly vinyl ! But I rather prefer and play in triode

The cary sli-80 drove the forests shockinling well in triode it filled my dads 1500 sqaure foot living room while using my DAC and cd player . Though I wanted more power to fill the same room with vinyl which the sli-80 lacked in triode then all other sources.
Also I did not want to spend $3800 on the cary phono preamp when most pre amps have a phono preamp built into the preamp now days for that same cost.

The CAD 120 works marvels in phono on my dads luxman preamp.
All I am really wondering is a old solid state preamp not a good match for the 120s.
Thats why I am planing on purchasing the slp-98 it should be the best choice than my dads preamp for now.

I am currently looking at a F1 slp-98p preamp new from a dealer in the States. I won't say the dealers name. He has the moving coil version and Moving magnet one so debating which one to get?

Thanks for your input on the slp-98p that really narrows down the to the per amp I need.
01-31-14: Jakecanada
Well I believe in the quality of each watt over power of more watts.

Very true. As Nelson Pass once said "If the first watt doesn't sound good, who wants 200 more watts?"