Cary CAD-572SE MK2

I have Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Grands, with a BAT VK-31SE pre. I am in the process of purchasing this Cary SET amp. Am I going to have a problem with synergy? I have never owned a tubed power amp, just pre-amps. It will be replacing a BAT VK-200, so it seems like it's going to be a huge drop in power. I called Cary today to check on whether or not this amp would drive my speakers and in the middle of the conversation, I realized I was talking to Dennis Had(DAMN!) Anyway Dennis said that it would drive my speakers with ease.
I guess I just want some reinforcement from other Gon'ers that, I am not screwing up too much.
I had those amps. Take a look at the Six packs instead.
You let us know. I would tend to think that this would not be a good match, as SET amps don't like to see lower impedences like the Beethovens nominal 4 ohm load.
I haven't owned the Beethoven Grands, but I did own the older Beethovens, and I currently own the Strauss, they both have preferred powerful solid state amps in my experiences. Tube amps can sound rather weak in the bass on these speakers, even more powerful tube amps. I've heard 100 wpc tube amps sound weak in the knees with VA speakers. SET's with these speakers would be a real adventure. If your room is small enough, it just may work for you.
As for me, I'll stick with tubes in my preamp/phono preamp and cd player, with a solid state amp.

Good luck,
John, Cableplex
I cannot turn back at this point, so I will have to give it a try. I can always resell without much of a loss, if any. Although I am confused as to why Dennis would knowingly tell me something that in your eyes is not true. He had nothing to gain.
Thanks for your input
He owns Cary Audio and has nothing to gain....interesting!
Hi Jdod,
I am currently running my cary 2a3 with Bat vk5i,cary 308 and cary slp98..I love my Bat vk5i and all my bat gears from the past,but for some reason it just didnt match well with my cary amp at all.the cary pre-amp sound alot better with cary amp then the BAT.
I meant he had nothing to gain, because I am buying used.
I guess what edie was trying to say is Dennis may not be a master at component matching--to say the least.---Ok, that's just a guess.--Never owned the amp; never owned the speakers.----But I can see by what info you're getting from the members,makes my first sentence seem like it could be true.-- I have lost a few bucks mixing the wrong amp with the incorrect speaker. You might see if there is a linc to a review and that should give you a third opinion.---somebody has to break the tie.
Well, after reading your comments, I'm not feeling super about what I have done, but we'll see what happens. I am meeting the seller in a couple of hours to complete the transaction and hopefully will get in a little listening yet tonight. I will post my thoughts(good or bad) tomorrow or Saturday. You may find them in the classifieds.(I hope
I have a pair of Verity Audio Fidelio's that I use with a Cary V12-R and a BAT VK50SE and it sounds as good as anything I have heard anywhere and better then most IMHO. I sold the BAT when I purchased a Audio Aero Capitole MK2 and decided it sounded better going direct. My Cary puts out 50wpc and does not lack the ability to get very loud! Although I listen at moderate levels most of the time, the detail, space and liquid sound can't be beat. Put that amp in your system and live with it for a while and let your ears be the judge--you may be suprised what a tube amp can really do!!
Itsalldark, your Verity's are also an 8 ohm load though.
That's a bit of an easier load for a tube amp, no?
So your more powerful tube amp sounds good while driving an easier load. I know SET amps sound good, but speaker matching is very important.

Jdodmead, if it doesn't sound good at first, maybe you could try a pair of Paul Speltz's Zero Autoformers.
They will allow your amps to 'see' a higher impedence load that may help.

Look here: Zero's

I fired them up and listened for only an hour last night so these observations are preliminary. My pre has to be turned up to 110, where it used to be 65 to acheive the same listening level. I don't know how far it goes and if it is harder on the pre.
I can tell that I have lost some bass and I was expecting a little more airyness. This was only with a couple of cd's, I will try the tt when I get home today. So far,I am a little disappointed, but I am in no hurry to make any decisions(I may just fall in love with them over the week-end).
Maybe my expectations were too high in the first place.
Your BAT goes up to 140, I know, I've owned a 31SE and a 50SE. It shouldn't hurt the preamp to run the volume all the way up.
These amps are not the best mates for your speakers. It's not the amps fault or the speakers fault, it's just a mismatch. The Zero's may help, but I would think, in the end, you'll have to change either amp or speaker to a more compatible mate. Keep us posted.

So much for being disappointed. I have done a lot of listening and I now am very pleased with my purchase. These amps are awesome. I think I was trying to play too loud to start with and I think they may have been sitting a while without any play time. I have plenty of bass and the soundstage is to die for.
I still am concerned about the heat and tube life, but I think I will hang on to these until I upgrade and then probably still in the Cary line. I love the Cary sound, not that I don't like my BAT products, but there is just something about the Cary sound that draws me to it.
As a former owner of 572SEs (about 5 years ago) I suggest you quickly buy as many output tube pairs as are available. I don't think they are made anymore and the life expectancy tends to be about 9-10 months. Get 'em while you can.

By the way, I also thoroughly enjoyed the music making ability of these, my 2nd SETs. They properly and loudly drove ProAc 2.5s in my small (11 x 13 x 8) listening room and had good bass control, extended highs, real musicallity, etc.
I did receive an extra set of 572's when I received the amps.
Dennis Had also mentioned around 9 months would be the anticipated life span of the tubes. He also suggested sending in the amps to be upgraded to a different tube for a $1000. I thought I would wait until these went and then I would sell the amps(with the spare set of tubes)and then upgrade to one of the newer models.
If I did want to buy extra tubes, any Idea what they cost?
Congrats Jeff! Enjoy the music.
Just for future reference, what are the dimensions of you listening room?

My room is approx 14 x 24 and the speakers are on the long wall in the center. I sit 7-8 feet from them and there is a 56" rear projection tv between them. It's a full function system.
I paid $75.00 per 572 tube about 5 years ago.
Was it from a private party or a dealer? I have been doing some searches online and it doesn't seem like there are a lot of options. I am new to tubes, so I may be missing something.
Did I say these amps sound awesome? Even digital sounds good. Don't want to start a flame, I am just very happy with my purchase.
thanks for listening
Hey Jdodmead...

I've owned these amps and have a source for the tubes. Send me a PM if you'd like...

Hi Jeff,

Now I'm almost wishing I had tried that pair of tube amps I almost bought in January. They were a pair of Cary 572SE monoblocks that had the $1K upgrade to 300SE monoblocks, running 300B power tubes. The owner, who had the mod done, swore the sound was much better, but it did decrease the power output. I think it cut it from around 22 wpc to about 15 wpc if I remember correctly. My room is similar in size to yours, but I didn't feel 15 wpc would drive my Strauss. My current amp is 300/600 wpc into 8/4 ohms, and can tightly control the 10 inch woofers.

Buying used helps, you can usually recover your money, if you don't like them. I'm sure your Strauss sound great with all that power. It's just a different sound, with the tubes, that I really like. Not necessarily better than SS.
Hopefully you will get another chance to try some.

Way back then I got the tubes directly from Cary but I don't think they are still in production - may be wrong, though.
Gee, I guess good'old Dennis forgot to mention a thing or two during his now-famous self-promotional comments. Things like the fact that the 572 tubes real working life comes in at about HALF the lifespan that is mentionned in the amp's owners manual.

Did Dennis mention that the 572 tube had only ONE manufacturer, Svetlana, and that they stopped manufacturing this tube at least two years ago, making remaining stock increasingly expensive ? Add this to its shortened life and keep some pocket change for frequent oil changes.

I bet Mr.Had never mentionned that, when you do run out of 572 tubes, or run out of patience in paying high tube prices, Cary will gladly modify your existing monoblocks to accept more common ( 300-B ouch $$ ! ) tubes..... for '' only'' $ 700.00. Last time I checked, you can almost get a half-decent tube amp (of non-prestigious pedigree of course) for this much.

I used to be to lucky enough to own these great-sounding amps, as they do sound good. However, when I sent mine in twice to Cary service, ( Kirk, an nice guy )for repeated technical problems - the amps where very unreliable to say the least - my opinion changed about how these sound. Call it subjectivity -

I guess its a bit like owning a Fiat. If you dont mind all the trouble and expenses, its a fun car, just like these 572 monoblocks are.

I sincerely think that if you buy these amps, ''System Synergy,' will be the least (and most inexpensive) of your concerns...
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