CARY CAD 300sei 300B tube rolling/ultimate search

Looking for some feedbacks about 300B tube rolling on Cary amp please.
So far I am using Sophia's mesh plates and KR Audio ( tubular, old production run )

Interested in:

1. NOS TESLA - very rare and most probably cant be found, except the copy of it EAR.

2. Svetlana C logo - seems to be a difference in run before year 2000 and after, where 2 companies make them now: St.Petersburg and Saratov, but how differ are they?

3. Genalex

There are many others, so post as much as you want please.

Also your most loving combinations of 6SN7 + 300B are very welcome.
Emission Labs should be on your list - For a little more punch and dynamics try the EML 300B XLS. A touch more detail and sweetness try the EML 300B-meshplate.
Thx for your replay, will do. I believe they make them in Czech Rep as well as KR, isnt?

ps Little change, I ment EAT and not EAR of course, sorry guys:)
Yes, EML tubes are manufactured in the Czech Rep. Here is a link to their NA distributor.

Another 300B tube that I like very much but is getting harder to find is the AVVT 300B SL-C37.
I just got the answer from Jac, where he thinks that I cant use EML 300B Mesh in my Cary and the best option would be the 300B - XLS.

Any idea about using mesh pls?

I am going by memorey, but Cary once told me that I could use a meshplate in the SEI as long as I adjusted the bias down to the tube specifications. If the meshplates interest you, I would email the tube specs to Cary and get their opinion.
Going to try some AVVT valves, at least if my order get confirmed soon. These are AVVT 32B CL, which are the same as general 300B type, but with cool elements on the plates.
If you have'nt seen it, 10audio, the on line review site did a review of the 300B, including some tube rolling. From memory, he thought the Sophia much the best tube, even against Western Electric. I find that site very helpful and accurate

Found it, thanks for bringing that up

Thing is, tubes do not sound the same in differ amps and funny thing is, I just sold my pair of Sophias Mesh plated and kept KR's for now:)

Honestly, I dont know what to expect, but the good thing is, Sophias are not getting rare, they are in production and can be bought every moment I may want again, but I love rolling, but especially find the very best possible combo.

Anyway, their impressions about CARY 300 and Sophias are not complete to me, cos they dont mentioning any of 6SN7 been used. Thats what I came every time in almost every revieuw about 300B valves, they just drop pre amp section as not important one and I DONT AGREE on that one!

Good, first thing first, hopefully get my AVVT soon, will be back with impressions later, however if anyone can write some more info, please do!

Hey, just saw the Sylvania's chrom top in that 10audio revieuw, sorry, my fault:)

I preffer Sylvania's Bad Boys or Tung Sol Mouse Ears plus ECC33 Mullard as driver one.

More to come...
Sophia electric royal princess 300b ,the one and only