Cary CAD-300SE Signature Mono Amps, upgrade

Hi all,

Anyone with experience on the Cary Cap Bank ie. CA300SE?

I am hoping to upgrade on my Cary CAD-300SE Signature mono amps and have read that this addition can make BIG improvement.

Any comments?

Also, I plan to upgrade all signal path caps in the Cary monos with the venerable V-cap or M-cap supremes or silver/oil in the future. Is it worth going down this path or would it be more worth it to persue another 300b amp altogether, ie, Coincident 300b Frankenstein? Note that these 300b's are used in a bi-amp system with the EAR 509mkII's. Cary 300b's works with the EAR's, Audion 300b's didn't.

p.s. I like the sound of the Cary 300b's although some may claim they sound warm and coloured. That may be true, but I like the sound regardless. The Audion in comparison sounds thiner and more detailed - still nice, but I believe that you can enjoy music for much longer before fatigue kicks in.

I upgraded the caps in my Cary 805 with Mundorf M-Cap Supreme Silver & Gold & Oil and it was money WELL spent.

A good friend of mine changed the caps in his 805 to V-caps, and after hearing mine with the Mundorfs, he had his technician swap out the v-cap for the M-caps.
Thanks for your input Brf.

That's interesting ... M-cap supremes are very highly praised and I've been told that M-Cap supremes are the best as the silver ones sound "silvery" ... whatever that means ...

Were the V-caps well burned-in in your friends unit before he changed them to M-caps? Read that V-caps are hell until 600 hours.

Maybe the M-caps work better with Cary Audio electronics and V-caps not so ...
Hey Linnmaster, my friend V-caps were well burned in. V-Caps and M-Caps are both excellent, it just comes down to a matter of taste. Cary amps seem to favor the oil caps.
Anyone familiar with the circuit of the CAD-300SE (or have access to a schematic) and know which caps are the important ones to upgrade?