Cary CAD 280SA V12r vs CAD 50M MK2 comparison

Would any one have be able to shed some light on the comparison of the Cary CAD 280SA V12r with CAD 50M MK2?

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the v12 sounds more powerful. so depends on what speakers you are driving. the CAD50 is a nice amp used within its power range. both are UL/triode switchable. both can run EL34 or KT88s.

with the V12 you have a bit more room to tweek the sound since you can sub in 12A_7 series for the 12BZ7. even to the point of an AU7 or AT7.
The plate voltage is regulated, so will handle the change with no bias resistor changes.

But the 50 is really nice with the Shuguang input tubes and Nature sound KT88s.

own both amps as well as others.