Cary CAD 211AE tube rolling

Hi guys,
In general, beside input and output stage, will an amp benefit much from tube rolling in other stages like driver stage and such?

In particular, will my Cary CAD 211AE (beside rolling tubes in the input & output stage) benefit from tube rolling for the Current Source (one 6CA7) and Driver Stage (a pair of 300B) ???

thank you very much.
Jaytea, a few months ago I upgraded from a Cary CAD-805AE to a 211AE. As you know, the 805AE is basically half of a 211AE but arranged in single ended instead of Class A push-pull. So, I would think that my results on the 805AE would be generalizable to the 211AE.

I have tried tube rolling ALL the tubes on the 805AE (6SN7, 300B, and 845). The greatest result comes from swapping the 845, followed by the 6SN7, with the 300B making the least difference. Having said that, a 300B tube roll on the 805AE still makes a larger difference than say, swapping speaker cable.

If I were you, I would start with the input tubes as it is the most cost effective upgrade. You only have to buy two cheap valves as opposed to four 845's or four 300B's which as you know, is very expensive!

My 211AE was delivered with a Tung-Sol 6SL7 and a Electro-Harmonix 6L6 from the factory. My dealer was surprised as well - he said that the other 211AE's he has sold have the cheap no-name Chinese valves supplied as standard. I have ordered four Cetron 845's and four Western Electric 300B's which should arrive in a few days. I also have the option to buy four KR Audio 845's from a friend. Then I will be able to tell you more about my experience with tube rolling on the 211AE.

Hope this helps,

By the way, you should also read this other thread I started about tube rolling 845's. Plenty of helpful responses there:
Hi Keith,
Thanks for the thread. I just replaced the stock Russian Tung-sol 6SL7s by a pair of NOS 1945 RCA 6SL7. They add more details and a nice sense of 3D to the sound. Next step for me is to replace the stock Chinese 845s. My top choice right now is SuperTNT 845M (latest model with full 100W dissipation), but these are not available until Dec 2007 ( as SuperTNT told me). I am wondering if you played with the current source 6CA7s ? If you did...did it make any audible difference?