Cary CAD-211 into a difficult load

I am waiting for my new speakers to arrive. These things dip down to 3 Ohms or less down in the bass, and I am very concerned that my Cary CAD-805AE's will not be able to handle it. Nominal impedance of the speaker is 4 Ohms, and 91dB/W/m.

I am thinking about upgrading to the CAD-211AE's (dealer will do it for me at a good price). But I am concerned that the CAD-211AE's will suffer the same problem, even from its 4 Ohm tap.

I was hoping that people who run this amp will be able to tell me how well the CAD-211AE does with your speaker, especially if you are running a difficult speaker?
I owned the CAD 211 s and found them wonderful in so many areas. They are powerful and musical. They should drive your new speakers just fine unless you are into Electronica at 115 db. Dennis Had is also one of the nicest people in all of audio . Its comforting to have a guy behind your back like him if you ask me. Great service , excellent amp...