Cary CAD 120S vs. Rogue M-150

Well, I'm getting closer. I want a balanced tube amp that will power my Montana XP (93db 4 Ohm) with a Triode/UL switch option. One other possible amp is the Cary V12. I hope to get one used on the "Gon" when the funds are saved (3 months). My preamp is a Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE that stays, as it is that good. I can only afford used ($3,000 budget) and was hoping for a little guidance here... thanks.
I had a V12R and liked the sound, but biasing is a pain in the ass and it runs hot enough to fry a hamburger. Great sounding, but I have the CAD 120's and you won't go wrong. It runs much cooler has that warm tube sound. It's hooked up to a Cary SLP98P pre, running Linn Majik 140 speakers, and biasing is a breeze. I picked it hands down over the Mac 275. I love McIntosh but sounded more SS than tube. Hope this helps.
here's a fan cad 120 in my home with jensen caps with slp-05 with right out-put tubes....super nice pushing my jbl l-300 or my altec 6048k's ..GREAT MATCH..........
I've heard the M-150s with high efficiency Tannoys (Prestige Series), and they were very noisy, almost like something was wrong. I think people's mileage varies w/the Rogues, but I would inquire about possible noise issues before buying.