Cary Cabling

if you own Cary equipment, what i/c's and speaker cables are you using? i am looking to upgrade mine, and would like to know what works well in other peoples systems.
After experimenting with other manufactures I settled with Silver Audio.
In terms of power cords, Purist Audio is terrific, as well as Audio Magic. Both the Dominus and the Clarivoyant in their rexpective lines. Further, check out Magnan.
I agree with the statement by Lak on Silver Audio. Tubes in general, and Cary in particular are a match made in heaven with silver. And Silver Audio is about as good as it gets. Smooth, liquid, warm, yet detailed and full. What more could you want in a cable?
I use Kimber Select 1020 interconnects and KS 3033 speaker cables. These cables work well with a variety of systems, but I think they're particularly good at bringing forth the harmonic magic that makes Cary equipment special.

(My system: Cary CAD 300B amp (push-pull design with 4 300Bs), JM Lab Daline 6.1 speakers, Melos MA-333 preamp, EAD Ultradisc 2000 transp. & DSP 7000 Mk. III dac, SCE HRS, VPI HW19 III turntable w/Premier FT-3 arm, Benz MO9 & Melos phono section.)
I'm running FIM Gold speaker cable (double runs for biwire) and FIM Gold power cords with my modified Cary 805c. Absolutely amazing! Since I have a rather long run from my preamp to amps, I'm using Coincident IC, and Kimber Select Silver from DAC to preamp. FIM is not inexpensive and is quite stiff, but I've found nothing better. Just my .02. Goodluck.
I use Nordost Blue Heaven biwires from the CAD-300SE monos to Soliloquy 5.3 speakers. And Blue Heaven interconnects to the Rega Planet through a Creek Passive pre. It all sounds great and was an improvement over comparable priced Kimber Silver Streak and Transparent cables.
It's all about synergy. Sometimes the cheapest stuff works the best. I use radio shack four strand 16 gauge to the speakers and the stock Sony cable from the cd player. I have tried the up-grades that I use on my big rig system and the Cary likes it with the cheap stuff. I'm using a SLI 50 so interconnects are minimal.
When I had an SLA80 amp and SLP90 pre, I found surprisingly that the YBA diamond interconnect beat out all the comparably (and also more expensive) priced cables I tried from the cable company (10 different brands!!)