Cary Audio...What do you have ?

And what did you do to make it better, or tweak it ?

I have the V12 Amp and the F1 SLP-98 Pre Amp running together.

What tubes are best for these your opinion ?
I had a SLP98P & currently own a SLP05. Both significantly improved IMO with the installation of NOS Sylvania 6SN7W tubes.
Thanks for the response !
I would really like to move up to the 05 one day !

Where did you find the NOS Sylvania`s ?

I have the SLP-05 and found that the Pope Holland 6SN7's sound the "best" to me.

I've tried a bunch...
That is what I am currently running in my SLP98F1...

They are nice tubes.
I was running them up front, with the hytronic`s (JAN CHY 6sn7gt)in the buffer stage, but have swapped position recently.

I also have a matched pair of EH`s that I am burning in and going to try.
Any thoughts on this tube ?
I went back to the Hytron`s and the Pope`s on the pre amp (F1 SLP-98L)...

Nothing else seems to do it like these tubes !!

Uncle Kev was right again !!

Does anybody else have a V12 ?
There has to be more folks out there that have them , and some info to pass on to the rest of us....

Cap upgrades, tweeks, adjustment, tubes etc. ?

Is it possible to Bi-amp with two V12`s ?
Or is it better to get a couple mono blocks instead ?
I have a PH-302 Phonostage using the stock tubes and they sound fine to me... no time yet for tube rolling because the SQ is just as i like it ;-)

I'm thinking of getting an SLP-308 or if i have extra bucks, go for the SLP-98... depends on what takes my fancy this 09

A pair of SLM-100s, NOS 40's TungSol JAN CTL/6SN7GT, round plate(drivers), NOS 40's Sylvania JAN CHS/6SN7W, tall bottle(phase splitters), Winged 'C' 6550s(from Kevin- St Petersburg plant), Vampire 5 way binding posts, WBT RCAs, Wonder Wired/Soldered, Hi-Fi Tuning fuses, Zu Bok power cords. Schottky rectifiers are the next step.
Sorry Beardog03, I found the Sylvanias here on A'gon. They were recommended by another A'goner after I described to him what kind of sound I liked. I eventually found 4 or 5 backups here as well. I also have an Atma-sphere MP3 which they really sound good in too. Every now & again the 6SN7Ws show up for sale but they're getting more expensive each time.
Regarding the EH tubes. They were in both my SLP98P & the 05.
They are not at all involving, kind of lean & 2 dimensional to me. Hey at least you have something to listen to when the preamp arrives. The good thing about the SLP98 is that you only have to change the 2 front 6SN7 tubes to improve the sound. I also have Popes but found them a little soft sounding for my tastes. They're listed on A'gon right now.
I had a V12 stereo amp once and added a second stereo V12 to bi-amp my previous speakers, Proac Response D80. I thought one was not powerful enough. But so with two also. They just couldn't deliver tight bass notes. I think Cary V12's are amps most suitable for jazz, blues or other kinds of soft music. I sold mine and bought Theta Citadel (version 1) which was a huge improvement in my ears.