Cary Audio vs. Mark Levinson 331


I have Cary Audio Cad 40m tubes mono blocks and are thinking to try something new. I am wondering to change to SS Mark Levinson 331. My problem is that, I can't hear the ML before and hope on any advice from you audiofreaks good or bad change and why?
The rest of my system is:
Tube preamp (maybe I will change it too)
ProAc studio 250 speakers
ML 36s DAC
Speaker cables Vantage "Special"
Interconnect Vantage gold "level 10"
I have a 331. It has awesome bass control if that's what you're lacking in your system (what's wrong with your sound now?). I would keep the tube preamp (what is it?) since tube preamp and ss amp works great. I definitely would not do all solid state with your ProAcs.
Hello Ernio1!

Maybe it is a good combination, I havn't heard it, but will remmembered it. My Pre-amp is (I am danish and live in Denmark) LA Audio C2 GOLD tube.
Best regards