Cary Audio vs. Classé


I am the owner of a pair of Cary Audio Cad 40 M Signature Edition mono amps and have an offer to change them for a Classé CA 300! Do anybody know if it is an upgrade/downgrade. or tell me if it is a good or bad deal and why???
I don't do it for more watt ( 40 watt is enough for my ProAc's) only to try something difrent!
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the pro acs are not a good match with classe. they will sound harder and in your face...stick with the carys or a solid state amp that has a more laid back character
classe equipment is anything but harder and in your face sounding. classe is noted for it's laid back smooth sound. You should audition a classe ca-101 or larger amp with your speakers or even their cam series monoblocks. That will be the only way you will know for sure.
I found the Classe harsh and brittle highs CA400, CA300, and the Omega 350? also. Then again I find most bipolar designs to sound this way. Just my opinion, you should listen to them on your system before purchasing, because that is an extreme sonic change.
classe is a great is just a poor match with pro acs. the mating of these two brands just doesn't produce the best results...classe with celestion, b&w, castle and several other highly regarded brands is a match made in heaven.
Matching is important. I agree with Jrd351 that Classe and b&w speakers are a great match.