Cary Audio v12r OR Quicksilver Audio M60?

I currently own a pair of Quicksilver Audio M60 monoblocks. Recently I've had the opportunity to purchase a Cary Audio v12r CAD-280. Aside from the Cary originally costing double what the M60's did, is this a worthwhile up grade?

In linear mode, the v12r puts out 100 watts peak as opposed to the M60's 60 watt. What really has me interested is the Cary's ability to switch to triode mode with a 50 watt output. Even though triode mode will give me a 10 watt drop, I've heard that this mode offers superior sound quality.

I'd love some feedback on this one. Thanks!
The output transformers are more important that anything above.
Have a friend give you a double blind and see what you
wouldn't be able to live without.
A-doo, open your mail. I can help you in detail with what you are trying to accomplish. I have manuals to refer to also.
Hi, I don't have listening experience with that particular Quicksilver model but I do respect the brand greatly (my friend had the M135 monos which were excellent). I do own the SA 280 V12R and it is an outstanding amp. Great sound, incredibly versatile both with output modes, as you mentioned, and even with tube types: try EL34's OR KT88's or 6550's...or others too. Excellent build quality and simply gorgeous to admire in many ways. Good luck.
I've had two amps with provision to switch to triode, a VAC Phi 110 and a Cary 120S. In both cases, triode operation was less than satisfactory, no dynamics, lack of detail, and limited frequency response. My speakers are designed for tubes.
However an amp designed as a triode, BAT VK55 in my case is preferable to the other amps I've had that were ultralinear AB amps.
So, don't get mislead into believing you will get true triode sound in an amp that offers that with the flick of a switch.
I have no experience with the Cary V12 so I can't say that it would better your M60's.
I agree with RHljazz. I owned a VTL ST-150 and pentode was far superior to Triode. As for the Cary vs. the Quicky, I think it would be more of a lateral move than anything.

It's funny how Rhljazz makes an excellent point which I have also experienced as very true. I have also owned VTL's with the "flip switch" and agree that tetrode ( not triode) was my preferred listening choice. But the beauty of the 280 V12 is that it can be switched in at 1/3 increments! Literally a full ultralinear or full triode, or any ratio of 1/3 or 2/3 of either usually presents a perfect combination based on your type of music... or overall listening preference... or even simply your " mood " at the time. And the real clincher is it can be done " ON THE FLY" for instant comparison. It is addicting and so flexible... Add your preferred tube type: midrange magic of EL34's , 'even-tempered'-across the full frequency range of KT 88's or a nice set of 6550's for [almost] a great compromise of the 2, and you're really grooving.
FWIW my replacement amps (though I still can't part with the Cary) are full triode (only) monoblocs made by Tube Research Labs that essentially deliver all the punch and dynamics of a tetrode or ultralinear while providing all the finesse of a pure triode...
I think the Cary 280 V12 is a remarkable amp in every way.
Good luck with your decision and happy Lissn'n