Cary Audio DMS600 or 700 vs Bluesound Node 2

Hello all,

I have the BS2 in my system and wanted to move up to an Innuos Zenith mk3 but now I'm looking at the CA DMS600 or 700.  First, can I use the DMS as a streamer alone? This is how I'm using my BS2 now. I want to keep using my Anthem str preamp's dac, so I can continue using the Anthem Room Correction. 


My questions would be -


#1-Is this a substantial upgrade from the BS2? 


#2- Will I hear any difference at all if just using the server of the CA and using my own Anthem dac or just not bother and keep the BS2? 


I only use Quobuz for streaming now. The 2 channel str is connected to an Anthem mrx 720 5.1 system as well. 


I have a 700 and sure it is an upgrade from the Bluesound   You can use it just as a  streamer but would not make much sense by paying a bunch of extra dollars for the Dac system. 
You may want to look at an Aurender streamer as an upgrade to the BS  


If you are just streaming and not looking to use the DAC just keep the BS2. I only stream when burning in a new amp or for background noise. If you want a sporty display I would look at Cambridge Audio. 

There are numerous options that better the BlueSound for less.

All in one best buy is Magna Mano Ultra with i2s and SPDIF out.

Built in LPS with good fuse included.

Even a Ras Pi powered by iFi Power Elite into a Topping D10s is better. <$600 all in.


Thank you.


I'm going to assume the MM Ultra is suggested because my bottleneck is the dac in my Anthem str? That's a $600 to 10x difference in price.  I like to buy something once and pay once instead of upgrading in increments.  I may have to ultimately look to change the Anthem and/or dac to make this work.


Does anyone have an opinion on the aforementioned Innuous Zenith mk3? It's a streamer that seems to have gotten a nice upgrade to the sound. I was originally thinking if I were to get that, then a few more dollars could get me into the CA 600 or 700.  Then I would always have the option of using the days included.


I'm probably still waiting for an all in one to get rid if so many cables and boxes, but I got antsy when I saw some used MK3s and DMS for sale. The latter would go nicely with my Paradigm Persona speakers.


Thanks again.