Cary Audio DMS-550 and Album Artwork

I recently replaced my Bluesound Node2/ Schiit Bifrost 2 combination with Cary Audio DMS-550. DMS-550 produces beautiful music, but there is one issue that is driving me bonkers.

I control the DMS-550 with their app and all my music in on USB drives. I browse by genre and then artist and then album. The issue I am having is when I select genre, it displays all the genres I have on the USB, but the album artwork associated with each genre is completely random. It does one the the following:

1. It picks an album under that genre and then displays that album cover.
2, I picks an album cover from one genre(say Jazz) and then displays it for another genre (say Blues).
3. It sometimes gets a completely random image from the internet and associates with a genre.

Are any of the DMS owners facing a similar problem? Is there a way for me to create artwork and associate it with a particular genre?

PS. Bluesound Node 2 never displayed the wrong artwork even once,
I have a DMS 600 and will get random artwork on my USB and Integrated SD card drive. I never worry to much as figure the file maybe be to blame.Tidal and Qobuz are always perfect  Sounds so good not to worried about the art work too much. 

@benzman  thanks for clarifying the issue with USB artwork.  For me it does display  proper artwork on all screens, except "genre" and the pictures are mostly random.

As you say , DMS-550 is really good and I am slowly starting to ignore the wrong artwork on that one screen and just enjoy the music.