Cary Audio DAC 200 ts Opinions


Does anyone have any experience with the Cary Audio DAC 200 ts in comparison to other $4k DAC's?

Have read the online reviews on Audiostream, Enjoy The Music and 10Audio but would like to hear from real life users here.

Initially, I was leaning towards the Schiit Yggradsil as my current DAC's are both R2R or multibit.

This one uses AKM AK4490EQ chips. 


If you just play Redbook the Schitt is the way to go, as it will convert redbook (pcm) "bit perfect".

But if you want to play dsd then the only answer is the Cary, and you'll take a bit of a hit doing redbook (pcm).

Cheers George 

The $870 DSD playing Delta Sigma Gustard X20 DAC sounds better than The Yggdrasil according to three who have A/Bed them. One of those three just sold his Yggy on this forum a couple of days ago. He is keeping the Gustard. The only truth is how something sounds, not an opinion based on non listening to the things being discussed. The Cary may be as good as the Gustard....maybe better. I have not seen a post by anyone who has listened to both. The Cary looks very nice. Those AKM DACs are suppose to be very good. Dual mono too.  I am doing mods to the take my comments on it as you like.  I am, however, quoting others who have posted on their own (non modified units).