Cary Audio, Customer Service

I had a few issues with my Cary 303/200. Mr. Billy Wright at Cary took care of business and handled things very professionally. Cary's customer service has gone above and beyond what would be expected a company to do. I own a Cary SLI 80 integrated amp that is a musical masterpiece, beautiful to hear, beautiful to look at. I originally owned a Cary 308 CDP (which was extremely well built and performed flawlessly) that I upgraded to the 303/200. When I hooked the 303/200 up for the first time, I heard musical things in my CDs that I did not realize were there! If in any way that I misrepresented Cary Audio as being a company that made sub-superior products, I was misunderstood. Cary is a top-notch professional organization that produces amazing musical products.
All very true. I experienced great customer service when my vintage, NOS Cary amplifier had a start-up problem, even though no longer under warranty. We all have to take a deep breath before inscribing harsh thoughts in these discussion threads. It's amazing, how a strongly worded negative comment is more easily remembered than a multitude of calmer, positive comments.
Cary deserves to be held in high regard.