Cary audio cd303t problems

High everyone I have a Cary cd 303t Sacd pro CD player. I bought it back in 2013 new, and  the dac has worked flawlessly and sounds amazing for the past three years. Though now running music through the cd transport espacialy with sacd's it is starting to skip or read no disc. Has anyone had similar issues or experienced the same issue. Or should a person just get the CD player cleaned out?
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If it was in a smoky/dusty environment, then a laser clean could fix it. If this doesn’t then a new laser could be in order.

It seems from my data it uses the same laser that is in the Sony SCD-1 which is a KHS-180A.

Oops: I just clicked on those and they're all used, which may mean expensive new if available, or not made anymore. 

Cheers George

I just replaced the laser drive unit in my Cary 303/300.  I bought the part from Cary for $300.  Initially I tried a replacement I sourced real cheap off ebay & it was basically a practice run.  Played okay but was noisy & the drawer would hang up.  Not too bad a job if you're somewhat handy & the Cary tech over the phone was a great help.

Totally different, what the OP has, his is a 3 beam dedicated CD/SACD laser very different. What you have in the links below for the 303/300 is a dvd rom drive and laser in yours a DSL-710a. I can imagine Cary asking a lot more if they have his in stock.

Or the complete drive.

Cheers George


keep me posted on your experience. I am interested in possibly buying a Cary SACD player in the future.
I suspect that your laser needs to be cleaned. Your problem is somewhat common with tubed units because the cases are ventilated to dispurse heat and that allows dust to get in very easily. I had a BAT unit and was constantly cleaning the lens.

Jake ... If your CD player is skipping intermittently on all types of CD media (regular and SACD) it is most likely due to the laser sled hitting a dried up patch of the factory lubricant on the guide rail that the laser sled travels along 

The laser travels on a rail ... the factory lubes the rail during assembly ... after use (and with the help of the heat off the Tubes) the lubricant will dry up in spots ... when the laser sled encounters one of these spots it stalls momentarily losing lock with the data stream on the spinning CD and you hear a skip until it can move beyond the dried up spot and regain lock with the spinning CD 

If you're handy remove the cover and access the laser ... if you can see the rail ... clean it with a Q-tip and some IPA then very lightly lube it with some White Lithium  grease or Vaseline  

I had a Cary 306 SACD player that I bought new, but discounted from HigherFI. From day one it gave me fits with skipping and with the drawer. I sent it to Cary several times. Under warranty Cary just greased the sled. Once the warranty ran out Cary replaced the laser assembly, lens and a circuit board at a cost of well over $1000!. Though it was there several times for the same problem Cary wouldn't budge and would not send the player back until I paid the repair bill. Once it was returned I sold it and will never again buy another Cary unit again.
Thanks! for sharing your experience- Ozzy.
it is imperative to post both positive and negative experiences when dealing w/ these companies.