Cary Audio CAD-280SA V12R

Anyone heard one of these? from R to I series upgrade? I'm looking for an amp
that sounds great, but able to use 6L6s - KT90s.  Single Ended or Push-Pull.
This seems to be pretty easy to swap drivers for signature change, currently
has EL34 valves, Red Rubies? stockers. 
FR from 20hz - 23KHZ, really great specs, fully balanced.
Anyone know about these V12s
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Had the I version and now have the R version. Really nice amp, and as the other  posters noted, quite a few upgrades.

should be also noted that the first input tube has regulation on plate voltages, so you can pop out 12AZ7 and replace with 12AT7 or similar without rebiasing the socket. I have found that driver tube EL84 type and brand makes a huge difference on the tonal quality of the amp.

and the amp will run 6L6GCs up to KT88s. my favorite tube for this amp is the shuguang Western electric Plus 6CA7 fat bottles. A magical sounding tube.

there was also a monoblock version of the V-12 for over 200 watts per side, but they do not come up for sale very often.

aren't you exceeding max plate voltage running 6V6s in the V-12?seem to recall max plate voltage of 285tks