Cary Audio CAD 211 FE tubes upgrade.

I have a pair of Cary Audio CAD 211 FE with original low end tubes
Thinking about upgrade all tubes with Ultimate Package cost $2695 at the tube store
Shuguang Treasure 6CA7-Z
Northern Electric 6SL&
Natural Sound 845-T
Shuguang Electric WE-300B
Any one owned CAD 211 FE, with upgraded the tubes please post feedback,
P.S. I also want to upgrade tube for my preamp Cary Audio SLP98P cost $719, please post feedback.
KD, Are you running the SLP98p into the CAD211fe?

Can't speak to those tubestore sets, but I went with Psvane Tii 845 to replace Shuguang 845. Huge upgrade, all around. Then went with Psvane Tii 6ca7 to replace EHX.  Mild improvement.  Then went with Shuguang Nature 6sl7-t.  I think (hope) those are still burning in.  Pretty sure I prefer RCA 5691.  I haven't touched the GL 300b, but am interested in opinions.

In the slp98p, I haven't yet messed with the phono other than to drop in Psvane 12ax7-t in place of new production tung sol.  Interested in opinions on 12au7.

Although I haven't tried every combination, here are my favorites in the slp98:

Sylvania Jan chs 6sn7w black base into RCA greyglass vt-231 or into Ken-rad black glass vt-231.  This is as close to magic as I've heard.

Budget combo--GE 6sn7gtb grey plate side getter silver label into Sylvania 6sn7gta chrome tops.

For new production 6sn7, only tried EHX and Tung Sol, and, well, working on acquiring a lifetime supply of NOS/vintage.
Yes, I am running SLP98P with CAD211FE.
I will order 4 of Psvane 845 Tii, then go to the next tubes. Will replace all tube of  SLP98 after finish the CAD211fe.
I'm running that combo, too, in one setup.  I have an SLP05, which is a much better match with the CAD211fe, but it's in another system.

Anyway.  I'd suggest next targeting a replacement for the stock 6sl7.  Then, assuming you have new production EHX or Tung Sol 6sn7 in the SLP98, changing at least the front two 6sn7.

Those two spots will likely give you the biggest opportunity for change/improvement.

If you get the 845 Tii, please post back on what you think.
What about Shuguang tubes?
Replaced 845 stock tubs to 845 Tii. Stock tube give a lot bass, boom not tight, less vocal, with Psvane 845 Tii, I can tell the different right away, more vocal, less bass, that what is want to hear.
I don't know replace 300 B will make the sound better or not. Any one replaced the 300B to 300 Tii, please post feed back.

When I used the 845 tii, they opened up a bit after about 30-40 hours.  Not a huge difference, but bass improved, and a tiny bit of an edge on the upper mids seemed to smooth out.

I'd suggest getting used to the sound difference the 845 tii made and then swapping the 6SL7, assuming you have new production TS in there, now.

Really, I'd suggest targeting the 6SN7 in your SLP98.  I find the bigger changes/improvements are generally had working from the front rather than from the back.  You didn't say what you have in there, now, but, if they're stock new production EH, would be a good place to start, particularly on the front two.  Unless you are one of the few folks that like 'em.

But, if you go with the 300B, next, please post your impression!