Cary Audio 303/300

hi all! yesterday my cary cd player quit reading cd's . Tried cleaning the laser , but still will not read any cd . By doing a search I have found the drive model is DSL-710ALT . The only thing I can find is a DSL-710A . Has anyone else been down this road will the "A" work the same as the "ALT " ? Wouldn't normally mess with this but I can buy the drive for 1/5 of the cost of the factory repair....if it works . Thx in advance...Dan
The DSL-710ALT looks to be a direct replacement made by a different company. I think the LT just stands for laser transport. If you send it to Cary, they'll probably use the new one. The price I saw was $60 from a place that sells them new. Its well worth the risk.
The DSL-710A was used in quite a few dvd players. I bought a lightly used dvd player on ebay with the drive and tore it out. Cost me less than $30.