Cary Amps Using EL-34's

Can somebody tell me which Cary monoblock amps employ EL-34 tubes? I want to start researching this combination! Thanks, Peter.
the AES sixpacs do
Cary V12i monoblocks use EL-34.
From the early 90's, the SLM-70's.
It appears that both the Rocket 88 and the SLM-100, while sold stock with 6550's, can accomodate EL-34's. I've just purchased an SLM-100, which will provide about 120w in push-pull and 60w in triode mode using EL-34's, per communication with Cary. I plan on using it in triode mode with EL-34's to power Quad 988's. I don't know if it will need any tweaking/modding to optimize its performance with EL-34's, but if so, I will work with a local audio engineer and Cary for advise on mods. It was already modded by Cary to add an external pushpull/trilinear switch and oil filled caps. Any other suggestions to optimize its performance with EL-34's?
Cary CAD40 monoblocks use EL34s.

These amps are styled in their SET fashion(572, 300B, 2A3) - long and narrow. They can also run the larger tubes ala 6500, KT88, and KT90 - BUT NOTE: I was told this over the phone by a Cary engineer, so please confirm it with them.