Cary AE-25 Super Amp VS SF Power 1

Hello all,
I presently have an Anthem amp 1 driving some MMGs (see my system). The power output is fine as I dont listen to it very loud, but the darn system is just produces lifeless music. No bass no top end. I really want to brighten the sound, I am not too worried about bass, I have a subwoofer.

Chris Johnson of Sonic Frontiers has suggested that I get a SF power 1 as he says that it is way better than the amp 1 (he should know as he has had a hand in designing both). So I plan to get one as soon as I save up some money.
Now I am seeing a few Cary AE-25 amps popping up and they look very nice. But can it compare sonically to the power 1.

Now for the big question, which amp should I go for the Power 1 or the Cary AE-25?????????

I really dont want to spend more than $1000

OK let me pose this question.
What tube amp would you guys recommend for $1000 or under?
I am also thinking of a used VTL st 85.

Comments, suggestions, recommendations are all welcome.