Cary 805C, How much...?

Does anyone know how much power the current Cary 805C ,with the 845 output tube, puts out into a 4 ohm load.

I am aware at 8 ohms it pretty much delivery close to 50 watts but I heard/read somewhere that its only 30 watts into 4 ohms. Any experts out there who can shed light on
this topic!

I can't tell you how much power they put out, but can tell you that my VMPS Super Tower-Rs will play very loudly. I've been surprised at just how good a match they made. The VMPS are very efficient(about 92db I think), the room is about 19'x14'x9' with an opening into the rest of the basement. No problems playing any type of music, levels are usually comfortable, but on occaision let it rip with Hendrix or the Who, no problem. Enjoy them, but use efficient speakers for best results.