Cary 805B without bias pot

Anyone seen one?

I was told the one I picked up was upgraded with an auto bias for the 300B tube but I've not seen any info on it.  I've emailed Cary a few times but no response.

The amp's fantastic and sounds great so this is just a curiosity thing.


Auto bias is good, never have to worry about it, only down side is your loose a couple of watts of power.

Cheers George
The Cary 805 series was never designed with auto bias.  If in doubt, go to the Cary website and look at all the various 805 manuals and they all have a section on how to bias the tube.  To check yours, plug in the bias meter and turn the bias pot and see if the bias changes. 
My 805B monos do not have the bias pot or the aux plug hole to plug in a meter.  I've seen no literature that talks about an autobiasing amp.

The previous owner (and original owner, I think) said the amps were an upgraded autobiasing set of monos.

I've reached out to Cary about this and no response, hence the question here.

Well, if your 805b amps do not have a chassis cut out hole for the bias pot or the meter jack, I would hazard a guess that your amps are a prototype of some sort.  If they were upgraded/modified, they would still have the chassis cut out holes.  
I just hear back from Cary about the amps.

Was informed back then the auto-biasing was an option.