Cary 805ae and SuperTNT 845W

The 845W tube has 90W dissipation. Does anyone know if they will work on Cary 805ae reliably? Has anyone used them on Cary 805ae?
I have used all the SuperTNT metal plate 845 in my Cary, including the 845C, both 845M series and now the 845W Nobleman. The 845C and the first series 845M were a lower dissipation tube that were very sweet and detailed. The second generation 845M was a full 100w dissipation but suffered from quality control issues. SuperTNT then launch a lower dissipation 845W which was a very nice tube, but was soon surpassed by the 845W Nobleman which was a full 100w dissipation metal plate tube. SuperTNT only produced around 300 pairs of the 845W Nobleman and ceased production due to material sourcing problems etc. The 845W Nobleman is an awesome tube.

The question is which 845W tube are you looking at, the earlier 845W or the 845W Nobleman. If the later, don't walk, but run and buy them, they are that good. If they are the earlier 845W with the lower dissipation rating, they will work in your Cary and they also sound very good. Life span will suffer slightly do to the fact that you will be running them a bit harder than normal, but according to Cary, the 805's auto bias on the 845 tube is conservative.

Is SuperTNT selling metal plate 845 again? They have been out of stock for a couple of years now.
Silly me, I didn't notice that 845W's were sold out at SuperTNT.

For metal plate 845's, it seems that currently there are only Shuguang 845C's available through eBay and other internet retailers. They have 70W dissipation and I do see warning against using them on auto-biased amps. I guess I will stick to 845B until the 90W 845W's become available.

Thanks for your help!