Cary 805 vs v12

I really enjoy my janszen speakers and have powered them with six PAC el34 triodes for almost a year. I tried a mcintosh mc275 for a time, but found I prefer the el34 to the kt tube family. I was considering finding a used v12 with the ultralinear switch to get more out of my system. But, then I thought, " hmm...I wonder what the 805ae would sound like?"

Anyone care to compare the 805ae to the six pacs to the v12? I lean towards warm and full bodied sound and do not care for the hyper detailed krell sound.

Emotive Sira pre
Sony hapz1es
Svs stereo subs
Six PAC mono blocks
Janszen za2.1
There is no comparison unless you need the additional dynamic snap of the v12. The 805 amp series from Cary was Dennis Had's gift to the audio community. Really helped along the renaissance for tube amplification.

The 805's are special. Both will heat a small auditorium and are hardly energy efficient. Also retubing the v12 can be expensive due to the sheer number of tubes required but the 805's arent inexpensive either because it will reward good NOS tube selections. Best