Cary 500 mono blocks

I have Maggie 3.6R's with a Cary SLP98p F1 and Bel Canto Ref1000 monoblocks, and I was contemplating switching the amps to the Cary Monos; anyone have any experience with a similar combo of Cary Monos/SLP98 and Maggies? I was thinking about that, or possibly a Spectron Musician.


I also have the Maggies 3.6R and I'm having excellent results with two Spectron Musician III SE in mono-block configuration. I started with one amp and after a couple of months added the second one. A single amp will certainly provide enough juice to confidently drive the Maggies. The second amp will simply take the sound to a whole new level.

I had the cary 500s with magnepan 3.5's and they did a great job. They are certainly powerful enough to drive your maggies. Good amps. rudge
I dorove Audiostatic DCM-5 with Cary CAD-500MB monos. The sound was trully spectacular - fast, transparent and pure. Those are some trully great amps. VERY underrated.
well, I switched. Great amps, nice to buy amps that are already broken in. Bass is HUGE, smooth, very detailed. I think they are the best match for my Maggies so far. Think these will be here for a while!!
Seems that there must be some kind of synergy between Carys and stats.

How does the 500MB compare to the Ref 1000 ?
It has, given my set up and room to qualify, much more bass, and absolutely no harshness. The Ref 1000's were great, but this seems to be on another level in my set up. I needed some more warmth, I think it's my very imperfect room that needed help more than anything.

The first impression I got after hooking them up was that the Cary's took hold of the speakers and just throttled them. I play music LOUDLY and we all know how much Maggies need power, these absolutely never ran out.

One thing though, is I am a bit concerned on the amount of current being pulled from the power conditioner. I have an APC S15, and the reading with the Bel Cantos at normal listening levels were consistantly at 42% of peak load. With the Cary's it's at 75%. I turn off the TV (which somehow is the biggest load) now when listening to drop the power level down.