Cary 500 MB or Mark Levinson 531H


I am thinking of upgrading my amps. I currently own Cary 500MB mono blocks. In your opinion would The Mark Levinson 531H mono blocks be an upgrade?

I don't want to make a change for the sake of changing however I see The Levinson 531h mono blocks for sale often.

I don't have the ability to listen to The Levinson's.

Thanks for your input
"I don't have the ability to listen to The Levinson's."

Then don't buy them. It's not worth the risk.
They are very different in the way they sound. Cary is more laid back and the ML are more forward more aggressive, so it comes down to your taste.
What sort of sound are you trying to achieve with change? What is lacking in the Cary's that you think may be present in the 531's?
If you really want change get a pair of very powerful tube amps. And for those who don't like the chill, big tube amps do a great job of warming up your tootsies (toes)
P.S. Don't actually sit that close to you amps
I got a Mark Levinson 532H from my local dealer on a demo
and the only thing that I could tell you is that this amp is very capable, it drive my dynaudio contour 5.4 with ease and with a sound that I have never hear before. Good luck Tango.