Cary 306 SACD professional - which digital output?

I have the cd Player Cary 306 SACD Professional and now I'm about to buy the MSB Dac Analog. I intend to use the Cary as transport and I wonder what is its best digital output I should use in order to connect to the MSB: AES/EBU or coaxial?

Furthermore, Cary states "44.1kHz-192kHz digital data is output from this jack" from both Outputs and also "With Super Audio CD disks, no digital signals are Output". Does it mean I will not be able to listen to SACD anymore

I would be grateful for your input, either from Cary or MSB owners...
Cheers and thank you
I prefer coaxial. If you play an SACD disc it will output the cd layer only.
Are you sure it makes sense to buy a separate DAC? Not only will you loose SACD, but I see no why a new DAC will definitely sound as good or better than the one in your Cary. It is, after all, a very well regarded $8000 player. If you can't try the DAC first, it seems like too big a risk. If I'm not mistaken, I think the MSB goes for around $5-6k.