Cary 306 SACD: Open the cover


Could anyone show me how to open the cover of Cary 306 SACD. I brought this unit from a member of Audiogon and he agree to let me open the cover for checking any loose connections based on Cary advice before sending for repair.

I've looked for any screws to open but couldn't find any screws. I see few of them on the back that are next to the connectors and I don't think that the ones. I also peel off the seal at the bottom and see 2 holes but there are no screws in there. If anybody open the cover before, please let me know

The problem is the tray does not open when press Open/Load button. The LCD displays "Open.." and stays there. The unit opened only once to let me put the disc in after I hooked it up to my system. Everything worked fine such as play, stop, forward, backward, etc.., accept only for the tray. I tried to unplug all cables, power cord and let it sit for few hours hopping it will reset by itself but it's still nothing happend.

I don't think it's a mechanical problem becasue I didn't hear any noise or sound that indicate that the tray gets stuck. The previous onwer said he sent to Cary for software update and he doesn't have any problems. Cary said something might get loose inside during shipping.

Worldcup ... see those four spiked feet? Unscrew and remove them. The screws that hold the case shut live under there.

As for why the tray won't open - it's a common problem. What happens is the tray tries to come out at an angle and gets stuck in the opening. It occasionally happens to mine - when it does, all I need to do is give the tray a little pull and it ejects properly.
Thanks for respond. I unsrew the four spked feet and did not see any screws. I see the CD feet has 2 sections that are the pointing tip and the round base attaching to the bottom of the unit. Do you mean that I have to unscrew both sections?

Tran if i'm not mistaken you have to remove the feet altogether. The screws actually live in holes, so you need a screwdriver which is skinny enough to fit in the hole.

I tried to turn the feet section that attachs to the bottom of the player but it does not come off. I think I should send it to Cary for repair.

Thanks for your help!
That's why the 306 Pro has a totally different door setup. My friend who has one really dislikes the drawer, his only complaint of the player. I wouldn't take it apart. I would hit eject and try and "help" the door open. Finesse not power!