Cary 306 PRO vs. Audio Note CD 4.1-x

I am contemplating an upgrade for my CD player. Some of contenders are Cary 306 PRO and the Audio Note CD 4.1-x. Has anyone compared them? Any opinions on the new AN one-box player?
Stick with what you have. 4.1-x is a great player, however, you are going to see diminishing returns and pay a hefty price margin. Wait until you can get your hands on a good used Naim CD 555. They are rare but do appear once in a while. They are selling used for about the same price as a 4.1-x. That player goes way beyond the 4.1-x and sounds even better than the Metronome $55,000 set up. I heard them side by side. I am not a big Naim fan but that player took the redbook CD to levels nobody has ever achieved.
Thanks! for sharing.