Cary 306 pro compare to EMM cdsa se

Any opinions on these players?

Currently using Arcam fmjcd23 and looking to upgrade. Running Dynaudio c1 signature and prefer a silky musical sounding player, with all the dynamics and clear detail.

No opinions on these machines?

Really could use some advise.

Have used the Cary 306 Pro on occasion and it is an excellent player, but you should not discount the 303 pro either its is very nice too. The 306 is now discontinued by Cary and a newer version is to be out in a few months.

Have also used the EMM player at several of the European shows equally impressive so I'd be hard pressed to choose between the two.

Good Listening

Thanks Peter. Appreciate your comments.

Have you also heard the Ayre players, and if so, how does the sound compare to Cary. I'm looking for a very musical non fatiguing machine, without giving up dynamics and clarity.

Thanks again.
I have a Cary 306 pro and I think it fits your requirement i.e. "musical non fatiguing machine" that is also good in resolution and dynamics. I find the Dynaudio C1 a bit bright so the Cary may help with that too.

has Cary stopped making the 306 CD/SACD player?
Cary stopped making all CD players. Only DACs now......
Thank You! Yashu.