Cary 306/200 - What next?

Need some advice. I currently own a Cary 306/200 and looking to go to the next level of CD player. I am looking at used players for under $2500.00. SACD is not a priority just a really good player.

Should I stay with the Cary or are there other players that are much better in the price I am look for. I am looking for one player solution.

Try the Cary 306 SACD
No other recommendations? Is Cary considered the best in its class?

I too would get the Cary 306. I have the 306 Pro. I had a Naim CDX2 and XPSII but then a I borrowed a friend's 306 for a month. After 3 weeks with it, I sold the Naim gear on Audiogon and purchased the 306 Pro. At the time, I had no idea I would be using it more as a DAC for my computer set up, but it is just as satisfying. I am 95% sure the 306 has a digital in too...

Good luck!
You should try Esoteric! I had a 306sacd and the Esoteric pounded into the dirt. It was only a Esoteric sa-60 and they have much better cdp than that one.
Audio Research CD3 MK2.
I have two Cary 306/200s and one Cary 302/200, so I am very interested in this thread. I have heard that the McIntosh MCD500 is very good.
I'm in the same boat. Great machine. Once the economy changes for the better (which at the rate we're going...) I will probably upgrade as well.

My shortlist is Esoteric X0-3, AR CD-7 (with upgraded power supply), Ayre CXe-5. I could be probably be persuaded to include a 306 Pro depending upon which way the wind is blowing that day.

One area that I'm disappointed in (which really doesn't have to do with the unit) is the dearth of HDCD titles. Seems like production has been lacking lately and artists that were using the medium (like Neil Young) are dropping it. The few new titles that you see are for the most part pretty obscure stuff you wouldn't want anyway.
try a highly resolving/neutral machine for a change

What do you mean?
Just want to keep the thread open to check what is the update, I am also looking for a new cd player current EMC-1
A year ago I upgraded from the Cary 306/200 to a ModWright Transporter. I have never had a second thought about the decision.
I recently heard the Modwright Transporter and thought it was indeed a fine piece of equipment. It may be something I consider in the future.
Perhaps you might consider using your player as a transport and running the output to a good DAC such as the Benchmark. I do this with a $200 Sony 300 disc carousel and at time it rivals the sound of my $1000 Marantz SACD player. Before anyone goes nuts I said at times. The Benchmark can be had for $1000 or so if you do not got for the HDR and they are the benchmark in decoding digital. I tried the YBA and it was not as good. Just use the optical out with a decent but not crazy price optical cable.
My Cary 306/200 blew away the Benchmark and my Lavry.