Cary 306/200 and the Logitech Transporter

Looking for some advice from those who have experience with the Transporter and the Modwright version. I am a little reluctant to give up my cd player but thought about buying the Modwright Transporter.

Then I had an idea (I know dangerous). What if I bought the stock Transporter and ran it through my Cary I could potentially have the best of both words.

Question: Is this a good idea or would I be better served selling the Cary and buying the Modwright.

Any and all comments and suggestions welcome.

No one has a comment or can direct me to any other threads that might have had similar experiences?

I would appreciated.
I use my Cary 306/200 as a DAC. I found that the digital stream sounds great especially with a good sound card. I use an RME card in my PC.
I have a Cary 306-200. It is a good player. I had it upgraded by Dan at ModWright. It then became a very good player. I then bought a Squeezebox and hooked it up through the Cary DAC. The Cary as a stand alone player was better. I then bought a ModWright Transporter. Now the Cary 306-200 is in my closet. There is no comparison.

Did you ever use the stock Transporter with the Cary? If you did what was the results. Do use a cd player at all or do you just use the Modwright?

I am looking for as much information as possible.