Cary 306/100 v. MuFi NuVista 3D

I have recently done an audition of both of these pieces (on my system/Cary 300-SEI,Triangle Celius) and have been unable to determine a clear favorite.
Has anyone else heard these two head to head?
What about throwing the Sim Audio Eclipse into the comparison?
If you can, contact Upscale Audio. I bought one of them there...I won't say which...because you should decide for yourself what is good for your system.

The Musical Fidelity is smoother, the Cary has more difference from loud to soft. For someone with a system that struggles to get top end response, the Cary will be a better choice. If someone has way too much top end the MF may be best.

I spent some time with both. But I have been a customer at Upscale for a while and bought my other gear there. If you know Kevin, he will let you stay there for an extended time and has good advice.

You may get more info from too..that's a good start. I think they sell a lot of both