Cary 303T vs. EAR Acute iii

Anybody have any opinions on these two players. From what I read both are both musical and warm sounding. Seems like the built quality leans toward Cary as well as being tube/solid state.Not able to hear either one.
Cary Dealer Disclaimer****

The 303T is really an incredible player. Both tube and solid state outputs. Upsampling. Can function as a stand alone DAC with it's digital inputs. Balanced and unbalanced outputs. Very good build quality. And it sounds fantastic!!

I've not had the chance to hear the Acute III.

Also Dealer Disclaimer,

I too am a Cary dealer, to Goldprint, your endorsement sounds like you took it off the Cary website, you give no description of the Cary's salient virtues sonically and you don't list anything else you have compared it to.
I would agree that Cary's top players are indeed very good.

A more relevant discussion would be how do they compare to some of the other excellent front ends from Naim, Esoteric, etc.

I have heard the Acute and it too is excellent, only someone who has compared both in the same system can make a valid comparison.

The other issue would be is either of these players the right product for the gentleman in question.

If tubes are being used to soften his sound, would either of these players do the trick? Would a DAC be better and more practical?
Thanks for the follow up Audiooracle.

Your points are valid, although the original poster never asked for other options. From his question, I would assume he as already done his homework, and narrowed down his choice to these 2 players.

He asked for an opinion b/t the 2, and I gave him my opinion of the Cary.
I apologize for being so vague. I have done my homework. I was looking to upgrade from a Wavelength Cosecant dac because I wanted more digital inputs. The cd portion would be used occasionally.I'm using a Triode 300b SER integrated with Tannoy Canterbury SE I'm trying to maintain the midrange bloom. I was more curious as to which one provided that better.
keep the cosecant dac.