Cary 303; Removing the feet

I'm thinking of experimenting with some isolation devices for use under my Cary 303/100. Does anyone know if the stock feet on the Cary can be removed? And, if so, is it easy to put them back on? I tried to unscrew them but they didn't seem to want to come off. I hate to rip them off if there is no way of putting them back. Also, anyone have any suggestions on what devices work best? I'm going to try some Vibrapods first and them maybe some BDR cones. I've also heard a maple board works well. Thanks.
Jimmymac, I have owned the Cary 306/100 and now own the 306/200. The footers on these Cary units are a bit suspect considering the quality of the unit itself. With the old unit I had the Symposium Rollerblocks. This set up can be done without removing the feet. You could also use 4 Vibrapods directly under each foot. Depending on the height of whichever footer system you choose, you may not need to remove the feet. If you still choose to remove the Cary's "hockey puck" footers... in the center of each foot is a foam rubber disc. This disc has adhesive on backside. If you very carefully remove this rubber disc, you'll expose the counter sunk hole in bottom of foot that allows access to the screw and washer that holds on the footers. Be very careful when removing these screws because the chassis is aluminum and the threading can easily strip. If you damage the rubber discs I'm sure suitable replacements can be found. However, if you strip any threads you'll have a difficult problem to fix.
I currently have a custom made SRA (Silent Running Audio)platform for my Cary and it is very effective and good-looking. Check out the web-site if interested. Good luck and let us know how you make out. Dave
I have Navcom Silencers placed directly under the funky Cary 303/200 feet. I hear slightly better bass response, a slightly clearer midrange, and a small improvement in high frequency extension. This is the same that I hear whenever I put these Navcom pucks under a component. They are less than $50 for four of them and they seem to make a positive difference better than their price on every component that I have used them with.
Thanks for the info. Yesterday, I put some vibrapods under the feet. Overall, it's a definite improvement although there does seem to be a slightly, unnatural emphasis in the upper mids. Still, better than the stock feet. I'm going to try a couple more cheap tweaks like the BDR cones. the guy I bought it from told me he had the best luck setting the player on a one and a half inch maple board so I might try that. The player sounds really good with the Vibrapods but am wondering if I can sqeeze a little more out of it.
Well ,I have done quite a bit of experimenting with both platforms and isolation feet.I have favoured the Feet Of Silence as the best overall without the usual trade offs.The sound if more musical life like,in all aspects ,air,space between instruments,sound stage dimensions ,timber,focus and resolution .Most products tend to tighten things adding focus but seem to channel the frequncies to some part of the spectrum were it sounds hard.I do not no why these are not increably more popular as they are miles ahead of many well known products.
Having added my comments on the best found feet,I would like to mention the absolute best valued tweek I have found.At the cost of eight cents ,"that's Canadian " great improvements can be made to open the sound and give more life like timber to instruments.Try placing pennies piled two high under the four feet ,you could start with one under each to hear the changes,benefits seem to diminish with three .I also had succes with the pennies under my amp feet while expensive cones were piled in a drawer.
This can also be done to decouple between shelves ,for example placing the pennies between a corion shelf and my Townsand audio stand shelf.