Cary 303/300 VS. Resolution Audio Opus 21???

I am in the market for a new CD player that can directly connect to my amp. I don't own a pre-amp and I only listen to CD's. SACD/DVD-Audio is not important to me as I own none of the software.

Which of these 2 CD players is better in your opinion?
Need to know more about your system and what you're trying to accomplish sonically in order to be helpful....
I have a Classe amp with Thiel speakers. Wiring all with AZ's top of the line stuff.

I listen mostly to vocals so midrange is very important to me.

Are the 2 players very different? Yin vs. Yang??
They are both good CD players.

The Opus 21 has one advantage of being able to by pass the volume control, by using the DIN outputs. (This is what I do, btw, in order to get the purist sound out of the unit. But that is only useful if you use a preamp, which I do!)

The Cary has one advantage of being able to play HDCDs, which I wish the Opus 21 could do, as I do have a half a dozen of these type of CDs. (Although they do seem to be fading out rather quickly.)

I doubt you would be disappointed in either unit.

Now, that being said...

If you can find the money, I would get the Audio Aero Capitole II cd player. It is the best, most analog sounding cd player I have heard. (FYI, I listen to analog mostly, so I compare everything to analog, as I find it sounds better than any digital I have yet heard.) One version even has a built-in analog input, so you could even use it as a sort of preamp, should you wish to later add a tuner, an old cassette or reel to reel tape player, or even a cd recorder, SACD/DVD-A player, or even a turntable (with its own phono preamp of course).

My two cents worth.

If you are wondering why I don't have one, it is because the Opus 21 is close enough to the Capitole II, that I would rather keep upgrading my analog system, as I feel that gets me more results. (That and the fact that I only play CDs about 5-10% of the time.)
I personally like the Cary.
Thanks for the excellent responses!!!

Which player is the most analog-like?
I have owned the Opus 21 and the AA Capitole MKII. I personally liked the Opus better, it was just as analog sounding but with better dynamics. Just my opinion... With that being said, I have never heard anyone compare the Cary 303 to the AA, so this would be a no brainer to me....Opus 21
I remember reading reviews (stereophile I think) that stated the Cary 303/300 was forward sounding, even with tubes. Having said that, I would go for the Opus if analog-like is your goal.
I have owned both and Portugal and Tpk have it correct. The Cary is more forward (not a bad thing if that's what you want/need) but for dynamics and more "analog-like" sound, it's the Opus. The other nice thing about the Opus, is if you decide someday to invest the money for the GNSC Reference mods, it takes a great player to a whole other level.

See the 5 player shootout thread here on A'Gon, the GNSC Opus was compared with 4 players that are considered elite, and run 3-4x the cost of a modded Opus, pretty good compliment to be considered with that crowd.