Cary 303/300 voltage question

I'm moving offshore again. I've talked to Cary and they've said that changing this player from 110v to 240v is easy but haven't come back yet as to exactly how. Does anyone know which fuse blocks (there are four) to use and what value fuses?

F102 (fused), F101 (empty) , F104 (fused) and F103 (empty).

The packers are coming in two weeks and there's Thanksgiving as well so I'm running tight on time.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks in advance.
This might be too late answer for a 5 year-old post.
But i think it might be useful for other who own 303/300 and need to converse its voltage, because I've tried to find the solution too and can't get it for a long time. Finally I've to pay $30 to an electrician for just moving 2fuses from their original sockets to the others sockets.

it is very simple. You could see "L" & "H" printed on a circuit board nearby fuse sockets. To change this CD power consumption voltage from 110V to 220V, just move both 2 fuses from "L" socket to "H" sockets.
And to think that Cary charged me US$200 to do this a few years ago
Well they had to remove some screws, AND put them back too...

Some manufactures just do things in a better way. Pass Labs for one.
The above works well. I did try it already without any issue. Thanks a lot !!