Cary 303/300 surprise me..

I have been using my Cary 303/300 cd player in my second setup
since three weeks (220 hours burned)and yesterday I brought it to my main system to test it being transport for feeding Reimyo 777 converter.
Its transport performance is much better than many standalone transports,very organic,texturel,airy sound,perfect soundstage
and musical presentation,only caveat is on the high frequecies
they are a bit dry, lifeless or rolled of,I do not know if there is an improvement about this scala over 220 hours ?
The other surprising facility, although I use its RCA digital out,choosing 16/44 solid state option, I tested rolling stock tubes with Ei and Rft 12au7 tubes which were
in my hand they effect the sound as if I was listening analog outputs or tube out option???
I wonder if 16/44 digital output option belongs to only tube
output option?..
Anyhow it is really great cd player and I am very happy with it using its transport section too.
The combo with your Reimyo is better than standalone 303/300?
Kops, yes the combo is definetly better than stand alone 303/300, infact this combo is the most analog sound I have heard in my systems since 30 years though standalone 303/300
performance is also very nice but not satisfactory.
Wow. You bought a $4000 CDP to use as a transport, one that's highly touted due to its numerous, flexible output options.
Hammergjh, no I did not buy it to use being transport as I stated before it was for my second system cd player,but I just
wanted to try its transport performance in my main setup and
it showed much better performance than my existing transport
If you search to find a good transport you have to consider
spending $3000-5000 already,and selling cd player is much easier than standalone transports when you intend to replace..