cary 303/300 cd player with volume control

my brothers...

has anyone bypassed their pre amp and hooked their 303/300 right up to their power amp? i am curious about what kind of results you might have had using the volume control on the 303/300 with a power amp, and particularly tubed power amps.

This is exactly what I have tried. As good as the 303/300 is, directly hooked to my Cary V12R monos via balanced IC's, it is even better. More transparent, better transcients.A great combination.Hope this helps, Jim

any idea will the Cary 303/300 works well with Power Amp from other maker like Mcintosh etc. Main concern is will there be sufficient vol step.. is there anyway to check or what to check from the spec of the CDP and AMP?

also can the remote control of the Cary 303/300 adjust the volume?

Thank you.
I'm running my Cary 303/300 direct to a SS amp via balanced ICs. Have also used it with my tubed ARC LS-16 Mk II. I prefer the Cary direct, but have been making various system changes and will be doing some tube rolling so not certain this will be the final configuration.

The remote controls all the player's features - SS vs. tube output, upsampling choices, power and volume etc. The steps for the volume are just a tad coarser than I would like, but I'm very picky in wanting my levels set exactly so for a particular song. With 64 steps, most people will be more than happy with it and it's really not an issue for me.
my pre amp just failed me, so for the last couple days i have been using my cary 303/300 hooked directly to my cary rocket 88r F1. i have been using the built in volume control on the 303/300. the sound quality is stunning. i am actually considereing if i really need the pre amp at all.